Our Sponsors
We are very thankful to all of our
sponsors that offer year-round support to
us and our mission to help the community
we live in.
Dehaven Designs
Dehaven Designs makes all our dogs' vests.
She does a beautiful job making a nice-looking vest that
is durable and professional, which we are very thankful
Corey Feeds
Corey Feeds in Fredericton NB has been gracious enough
to donate food to our dogs.
Please see their website to learn more about a healthy
human grade LOCAL company.
Serving Moncton, Dieppe, Riverview locations
assisting MAC with regular pizza coupons available at:
Luv Paws -Riverview
Medicine Shop -Main Street Moncton
Maritime Animal Hospital -Main Street Moncton
ViewBid auctions in Dartmouth, NS holds our
annual auction free of charge each year.
They can be found at:
Maritime Animal Hospital
Maritime Animal Hospital has been with us from the
start.  They also sponsor two dogs at all times for all of
their vet care including neuter and vaccination.
We are very thankful to them for all the things they do.
Maritime Animal Hospital