Can You Help?
There are several areas where you could be helpful to either
us, the dogs, or the people waiting for a service dog.
Want to help the dogs?

Each dog requires being fed for two years while in the
program, growing and learning what they need to do as a
successful service dog.
On average, a dog eats $1000.00 worth of food a year.
~You can sponsor a grocery bill for a dog~

Medical Expenses:
Each dog is required to be up-to-date on all vaccines,
neutered, dewormed and kept safe from fleas and ticks while
they are in training.
On average this costs $1500.00
~You could sponsor a dog's medical bill~

Vests & Equipment:
Depending on what the dog is in training for, they will
require different things in regard to equipment, vests,
harnesses to anchor a child, special clips, leashes, their
vests for different growth stages, crates, collars, provincial
tags, walking tools and boots to keep them safe on the salt
and ice. Also lots of treats and poop bags :)
~You could sponsor a dog's equipment~

Want to help MAC’s overhead?

During everyday training, our dogs consume quite a few
treats, as well as at our training sessions.

These training sessions also cost, some more than others.
Depending on what we are doing, a large room may be
rented for exercises or a hockey game attended by our
trainers and dogs for exposure. Our volunteers already put
in endless hours training these dogs: it is important that
these costs do not fall onto them.
These dogs need to be bombproof in every circumstance: on
planes, trains, buses, taxis, ambulances, hospitals, large
crowds, etc.

Insurance to have all of these dogs being handled by all of
our volunteers is very expensive. This is necessary to have
in case of any accidents that could happen to both our dogs
and our trainers.
~You can donate to the overhead of MAC~

Want to help the people receiving the dogs?
Each of the people getting one of these dogs very much
needs them. The families are responsible for the cost of the
dog. The more money donated, the less the cost for these
already-taxed families.
~You can donate toward a specific dog~