Differences Between Service, Therapy, and
Facility Dogs
Service dogs are dogs trained for a specific person to do
several tasks specific to that person. The dogs are order
to help their partner. A service dog only serves one
person and does not transfer or leave him or her.

>>>Facility Dogs
A facility dog is trained for a specific job that applies in a
work-type environment. They have to pass the same
preliminary tests that the service dogs do, as they are
often permitted in public. A facility dog may be handled and
serve many people. They can be trained to do several
things, such as courthouse work, intervention work, drug
rehabilitation, mental health offices, victim services,
working with at risk-youth etc.

>>>Therapy Dogs
Therapy dogs are personal pets that have regular visits to
schools, nursing homes, hospitals, and other places by
invitation. They do not have the right to be in stores,
restaurants, or other public places that regular dogs are
not permitted.
Therapy dogs are tested regularly for temperament and
adaptability to different surroundings to ensure they offer
a safe experience everywhere they go.

>>>Other service dogs may include, but are not limited to,
guide dogs, police dogs, search and rescue dogs, airport
security dogs, border control dogs, and fire dogs.
We do not train these types of service dogs at M.A.C.
However, they should be accorded the same respect from
the public and access requirements by government.