Current Trainees
Chiya is being raised in the outskirts of Moncton, with Rick and Myrna.
She is learning how to be calm and pay attention to specific people when told.
Her future and some of her current outings include sport teams and helping them with
Reni -Demo dog
Reni lives in Dieppe with her family and trainers.  Reni doubles her talents as a service
dog teacher for the younger pups and a therapy dog in our community.
to teach her and expose her to everything life has to offer.  This work is paying off in this
confident happy gal that is super willing to please.

UPDATE:  Nessy is living with Anne & Jerome doing her finish training and is doing very
Jasper is working hard at growing up to be the outstanding young dog he is under the
careful instruction of Kelsey in Halifax
He recently came to NB for a month for assessment and he is doing fantastic under
Kelsey's care, going back home for a few more months to continue to mature and learn.

Jasper is now living at the Ross' house doing very well at his finish training.
Archer is growing up big and strong in PEI with Chantal.   
Chantal will continue to teach him manners and let him mature out before she begins his
finish training on the island.