Current Trainees
Mac is a young pup studying in Campbellton with Kim and Mark. They have raised service
dogs in the past and have done a really good job. Considering Mac’s young age, he is doing
really well so far with his confidence and manners. He goes to work with Kim and is calm and
obedient in all circumstances.
At this point we don’t know where Mac will end up, as he is still a baby. We will continue to
watch his growth, his strengths, and his weakness until he is over a year old. That is when his
specialized training will begin.

Mac is now over a year old and has moved into his finish training home with Jerome and
Anne.  He is now working in the Moncton area mastering the great training he received as a
pup in preparation for his life service.
Chiya is being raised in the outskirts of Moncton, with Rick and Myrna.
She is learning how to be calm and pay attention to specific people when told.
Her future and some of her current outings include sport teams and helping them with
Duncan -Demo dog
Duncan lives in Elgin, with his family and trainers.
Duncan continues to learn and serve around the area as both a therapy dog and a demo
dog to teach the youngsters how it is done.
Fergie is currently being raised in Fredericton with a wonderful group of young adults.
Some of which raised Zadok over the last couple years. We are confident that Fergie will
turn out great with their balanced approach and so much love from everyone. Being
raised in a group between two houses of friends gives a dog a unique upbringing that
teaches him or her to be extremely adaptable, which every service dog needs.

Fergie has moved to Elgin with the Ross family to continue her learning specific to the
person she will serve.
Reni -Demo dog
Reni lives in Dieppe with her family and trainers.  Reni doubles her talents as a service
dog teacher for the younger pups and a therapy dog in our community.
Picture coming
Ness is a young pup learning and growing in Frederiction with a amazing team dedicated
to teach her and expose her to everything life has to offer.  This work is paying off in this
confident happy gal that is super willing to please.