Board Members
Caron -President & Policy Development Coordinator
Anne looks after organizing our training sessions. She finds things for us to
do and makes sure everyone that needs to attend is there. She also looks
after the policies and insurance.
Ross -Vice President
Michael is another very important background person that makes sure that
all those needed jobs are performed. Filling in everywhere that is needed, he
gives a valuable business perspective to our group as well.
Michael, Lisa and their children do both foundation training and finish
training at their home.
Caron -Secretary  & Communication Coordinator
Jerome is one of our organizers and testers. He is very watchful and
observant when it comes to the dogs' behaviors and serves as a very good,
objective third party in our training sessions.
He is also the secretary for the board meetings.
Anne, Jerome and their family do both foundation training and finish training
at their home.
Rietzel -Transportation Coordinator
Mike is one of our important background people. Always able to be counted
on to do whatever needs done. He is an extra hand at training, being the
person that tests a dog's skills away from their usual person, and taking dogs
to the vet, groomer, or between houses.
Mike and Tracy look after any dogs needing a place to stay and they work on
their socializing.
Dr. Malone
Susan is a wonderful addition to our team, with many valuable years in both
the medical field and other non profits.